Week 24 - Good Bye Sligo!

Mein Blog zu meinem Jahr in Sligo: Original und unkorrigiert

Well I think it is time for a Blog post in English now… Yesterday was my last School day in Sligo Grammar School. And I think it is time to say thank you to all the people who made my stay in Sligo so enjoyable.

24 Weeks were 5 Months - were 168 Days - were 4032 hours - were 241920 minutes - were 14515200 seconds (hope I didn’t make a calculating mistake there ;) ) full of fun, exciting stories, good ideas, full of all that what a good live is made out of. Before Christmas I wrote a postcard to my altar server group in Munich on the front side there were some sheep and one of them said “I found new family in Ireland”, some of you might know this postcard. What might just be a joke for tourists that are looking for a funny postcard became truth for me. In the boarding house I found many friends that got similar to family for me. I mostly had them around 24/7 knew most of them as good as not many other people and really liked them. Furthermore I found more good friends that were really sound and funny as well. In the last to weeks people asked me over and over again: Are you excited to go back home - to give an answer on that isn’t as simple as it might seem. I feel really sorry to leave many good friends in Sligo that I might not see again in the near future. On the same time I am really looking forward to meet my friends in Germany again. And to have more freedom about what I am doing again. I don’t know if you say it in Ireland but in Germany you often say: “You always meet people twice in life”. If this is true I hopefully will meet you all again at the one or the other point in life.

In the last for months a lot of things happened - too many to make a list with all the things that happened. When I am looking back on the time I had here I will remember some important and funny points but I probably never will be able to remember everything that happened in the last half a year - of course I remember when I first met each of you, I remember when we decorated our dorm with Christmas balls, I remember when Ole played dead and we had to pull him around, I remember when we had the funny idea to make a pepper eating where everyone had to eat as many peppers as he could (what didn’t work out very well as some of you probably know), I remember when Ole, Arndt and me set chapchop.net online, but that was maybe two percent of what happened in the last half a year. That’s why I have to ask all of you for a little favor: Could you all maybe comment this post with one funny or important thing that happened in the last half a year when I was around? I am really looking forward to your stories!

Now when I go back to Germany a lot of challenges are waiting for me, I have to get used to being at home alone again, I have to catch up in school where I missed half a year, I want to try to grow www.chapchop.net bigger together with Arndt and Ole, and probably many other things I am not thinking of so far. And although I am really looking forward to that I get a little sad writing these lines.

I wish to all of you good luck, and hope to see you all again some when. Good Bye one last time Samuel

I have written these lines in the evening of the 6th of February as I know I wouldn’t have the time to do this on the Saturday.

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